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10 Best 3D Printer Cooling Fans Reviews

SaleNo. 1
WINSINN 50mm 5015 Blower Fan 12V, 3D Printer 24 Volt Fans Blower Turbine Turbo Dual Ball Bearing, Brushless Cooling 50mmx15mm 2PIN (Pack of 4Pcs)
  • ✔️WINSINN 5015 blower fan 24V which micro size and lightweight design, suitable for 3D printer hotend / nozzle or any DIY cooling and narrow place.
  • ✔️High quality Dual Ball Bearings, 5-years Warranty. balance between high air volume and low noise, Suitable for 24 hours / day long-term work, long life: 50,000 Hours.
  • ✔️Rated Voltage: DC 24V, Current: 0.1A, Power: 2.4W,Speed: 5500PRM, Air Pressure: 16.28mmH₂O, Airflow: 3.23CFM, Noise: 40dBA
  • ✔️Connector & Cable length: XH2.54 – 11.8in(300mm), Size: 50mm x 50mm x 15mm
  • ✔️Widely Used: Designed to provide high air volume for small areas which requires cooling or ventilation. Suitable for 3D printer, small squirrel cage, humidifier, aromatherapy and can be used as a replacement fan for any electronic products.
SaleNo. 2
Creality Ender 3 Original 4010 Fans 40x40x10MM DC 24V Extruder Hot End Fan and DC 24V Turbo Fan for Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer
  • Fit for: Creality Ender 3, Ender 3X, Ender 3 Pro
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Operation Voltage: DC 24V
  • Weight: 0.078KG
  • Package included: DC 24V Extruder Hot End Fan and DC 24V Turbo fan
No. 3
Haldis 3D Printer Cooling Fans Set, Upgrade 3Pcs 3010 Fans Premium Quiet 30x30x10mm Fan for E3D V6 OD 22mm Hotend (Red 24V)
  • 【Super Quiet Fans】: Private mold products, injection molded products, light weight, 3 silent fans, made of high-quality materials, with little vibration, creating a comfortable and quiet printing environment
  • 【Cooling system】: Multi-angle rapid heat dissipation, 3 fans work at the same time, quickly cool the hot end, to ensure that the printer prints stably without jamming.
  • 【PREMIUM FAN MOTOR】: The fan speed is 6000 rpm, the speed is fast, the rotation is stable, the power consumption is low, and the service life is long
  • 【Compatible】: Upgraded parts, the size of the card is suitable, it is very suitable for the V6 hot end (special note: the outer diameter of the heat pipe needs to be a standard size of 22, otherwise the card position will not be fixed)
  • 【Package Included】: 3 pieces of fans, 1 piece of fan fixing case, screw tools, need to assemble to experience the installation fun
No. 4
R REIFENG 4pcs 2M 3D Printer Parts Cooling Fan Extension Cable Wire 2pin Xh2.54 Connection Line Male Female
  • Material:Plastic,High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
  • Specification:XH2.54 2Pin Female Male Terminal
  • Lightweight for portable installation.
  • Scientific design,practical.Used for 3d printer cooling fan.
  • Length:2M/6.56ft,
No. 5
PLUSPOE 2-Pack 40mm x 10mm DC 12V Brushless Cooling Fan, Dual Ball Bearing for Computer case 3D Printer Humidifier and Other Small Appliances Series Repair Replacement
  • Brushless cooling fan 12vdc 0.06A 40mm x 40mm x10mm Speed 6800 RPM Fans for computer case 40mm 3d Printer fan used in humidifier, aromatherapy and other small appliances series; small heat radiating communication equipment; military equipment; intelligent industrial control equipment plate cooling heat, high precision medical equipment cooling; pc cpu server cooling dissipation; electronic cooling fans etc, Repair Replacement
  • Airflow: 7.56CFM, Speed: 6200PRM, Noise: 27.50dBA
  • DC Brushless Cooling Fan, Rated Voltage: DC 12V, Current: 0.06A; Dimensions: 40x40x10mm (1.6 x 1.6 x 0.36inch)
  • Connector: 2 Terminal Connector with 2Pin-ph2.5; Compact motor design, the NF-A4x10's motor hub is smaller than with conventional 4cm fans. This allows for more blade surface area and thus contributes to the NF-A4x10's superior airflow and pressure performance.
  • Warranty: two years, Package: 2x 12V DC Brushless Fans
No. 6
JoohcUngir 3D Printer Cooling Fan 24V 40 40 10 Fan DC 4010 Fan RGB LED Brushless Hydraulic Bearing 0.05A Quite Silent Cooling High Speed Cooling for 3D Printer 5pcs
  • HIGH QUALITY: Hydraulic bearings adopts special low-wear, high-temperature resistant grease. Quite Silent low noise. The service life can reach 40,000 hours. And it inherits the advantages of low noise of oil-impregnated bearings, and the maintenance-free features of dual ball bearings
  • SPECIFIC PARAMETERS: Size: 40 * 40 * 10 mm; Rated voltage: DC 24V; Working voltage: 12-26V; Current: 0.05A; Rated power consumption: 1.2W; Rotating speed: 5000±10%RPM; Noise: 24.4dBA; Air flow: 6.0CFM; Wind speed: 0.2M/S; Need your attention-Polarity Protection: 1. When Vcc and GND are reversely connected, there is no conduction. 2. When Vcc and GND are reversely connected, the circuit board will not be burnt if pulled out in 5 seconds
  • ADVANTAGE: It is RGB colorful LED light, allowing you to enjoy the visual beauty. The hydraulic bearing has improved the non-sealed bottom design of the traditional bearing, effectively preventing the volatilization of lubricating grease and dust from entering the inside of the bearing
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Suitable for a variety of products: 3D printers, computer, case, CPU, etc
  • WHAT YOU GET: 5 * 4010 fan 24V
No. 7
Canadian Local Seller-Mech SolutionsCreality Original 4010 Blower 40x40x10MM 24V DC Cooling Fan and 24V Circle Fan for 3D Printer Parts Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro
  • 🍁Canadian local seller-Mech Solutions🍁Use For: Creality Ender 3/ Ender 3 Pro,Ender 3V2, Ender 3 Max
  • 🍁Canadian local seller-Mech Solutions🍁Material: Plastic
  • 🍁Canadian local seller-Mech Solutions🍁Operation Voltage: DC 24V
  • 🍁Canadian local seller-Mech Solutions🍁Package included: DC 24V Extruder Hot End Fan and DC 24V
  • 🍁Canadian local seller-Mech Solutions🍁Weight: 0.078KG
No. 8
5015 Brushless Cooling Fan 4PCS 3D Printer Blower DC 12V Fans 50x50x15mm Fan for Hotend Extruder Heat Sinks with 2 Pin Terminal and Other Small Appliances Series Repair Replacement(12V 0.18A)
  • ✹✹ Power Connection: 2 Pin-ph2.5; Low noise while cooling the hot end of heatsinks.
  • ✹✹ DC 12V 50mm Blower Cooling Fan Hotend Extruder Turbine Fan for cooling heatsinks on hot ends, prints, or other cooling needs.
  • ✹✹ Easy to cool the filament that is deposited on your print. Cooling your print can make the difference between a beautiful print and a failed print.
  • ✹✹ Size:50*50*15mm(L*D*H), Speed:5700±10%RPM, Noise:25dBA, Bearing: oil, DC 12V, 0.18A.
  • ✹✹ Package Included: 4PCS * 5015 mini fan.(✹✹Note: If you meet the fans did not work, you can swap the red and black wires in the plug got it to work. ✹✹Any questions, you can contact us and we will give you a satisfied solution!).
SaleNo. 9
GDSTIME 24V 30mm Blower Fan 30mm x 30mm x10mm 3D Printer Cooling Replacement Fan
  • 【WIDELY USED】30mm blower fan, Designed for cooling or ventilation of 3d printer, helmet, airsoft goggles, LED Lighting, humidifier, memory modules, etc. or as a replacement fan
  • 【PARAMETER】Square - 30mm L x 30mm W x10mm H | Rated Voltage: 24V DC | Current: 0.06 Amp | Power: 1 Watt | Airflow: 1.75 CFM | Noise: 28.3 dBA | Speed: 9000RPM
  • 【POWER CONNECTION】XH2.54-2Pin fan connector with 150mm (5.91 in) cable (Red + Positive, Black - Negative); Operating Voltage Range: 14 to 26V
  • 【MICRO BLOWERS】 Smaller lightweight, only 0.28 oz, ideal for applications that have limited space; Sleeve Bearing work up to 35,000hrs at 25℃
  • 【PACKAGE LIST】Includes 2 pieces 30x30x10mm 24V dc blower fan and mounting screw set; keep your system cool and extend the life
No. 10
SoundOriginal 24V DC Brushless Blower Cooling Fan 50x50x15mm,for 3D Printer Humidifier Aromatherapy and Other Small Appliances Series Repair Replacement (2pcs 24V)
  • Cooling Blower Fans; DC 24V 0.15A 50mmx15mm Widely used in humidifier, aromatherapy and other small appliances series; small heat radiating communication equipment; military equipment; intelligent industrial control equipment plate cooling heat, high precision medical equipment cooling; pc cpu server cooling dissipation and so on---Repair Replacement (2Pack)
  • Bearing. Pure copper bearing made in Japan. Guaranteed to continuously run 20,000 hours under normal temperature. Speed: 5100 RPM
  • Total Size : 5 x 5 x 1.5cm /2" x 2" x 0.6 " (L*D*H); Outlet Size : 2 x1.5cm/0.8" x 0.6"(L*W) Cable Length : 25cm/9.8"; Mounting Spacing : 5.8cm/2.3";Weight : 26g
  • This fan is made of special and premium materials for the Fugetek FG-637, 647 and FG-857 projectors. It is high temperature resistant and extremely durable.
  • Brushless Fan,DC Blower Fan,Brushless DC Blower Fan,50x50x15mm Sper fan | Speed: 5100 | Total Airflow: 6.5 CFM | Air Pressure: 8.90mmH2O | Total Noise: 36.5 dBA | Bearings: Sale price $11.49 Sleeve Bearing; Sale price $14.99 Dual Ball Bearing.

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